Pippin the Panda Stackable 4-in-1 Snackpots

Our cute 4-in-1 snack pots are stackable and a space-saving lunchtime essential! With a variety of sizes to fill with your favourite fruits and snacks, they are travel-friendly and can be easily tidied away when not in use!

The space-saving snack pots feature adorable designs that are based on vulnerable animals around the world. Collect both characters and pair them with our cute, insulated lunch bags for the perfect lunchtime or picnic companion!

Our travel-friendly stackable pots are made entirely from BPA free, polypropylene materials. They're dishwasher safe as well as suitable for microwaves and freezers.

Key Features
100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used
4-in-1 stackable snack pots
Stores snacks, fruits and treats
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Made from BPA free materials
Select character


Hi! I’m Pippin the Panda. I live in forests high in the mountains of China. I depend on my habitat for lots of trees to climb. We start learning to climb from 5-months-old and even practice handstands! I like to spend most of my time eating lots of tasty bamboo. Chomp-chomp! But farming and deforestation is destroying my home and poachers are threatening my safety…

How you can help:

- Walk or ride to school instead of using the car
- Make a compost heap to recycle food waste
- Always put recyclables in the correct recycle bins
- Spread the word!