Pepper the Penguin Pack of 6 Clothes Hangers

A vibrant and unique pack of 6 clothes hangers - perfect addition to your little one's wardrobe! Available in two cute animal designs that vulnerable species, these wardrobe hangers are sure to brighten up any clothes rails or wardrobes!

Made from eco-friendly materials and inks, our cardboard hangers are 100% recyclable.

Suitable for kids clothes aged 3 and up, our kids hangers are sturdy, strong and anti-slip and the perfect alternative to flimsy, plastic hangers. Complete the set and pair our clothes hangers with our vibrant and educational wardrobe dividers!

Key Features
100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used
Pack of 6 kids clothes hangers
Size suitable for kids aged 3 and above
Keeps wardrobe organised and colourful
Plastic-free, made from cardboard only
Select character


Hi! I’m Pepper the Penguin. I live in Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth! I depend on sea ice for places to nest where hundreds of us huddle together in a big group to keep warm against the cold. Brrr! Sea ice is also a platform that helps me to dive deep into the ocean to catch tasty fish. But climate change is causing our home to disappear…

How you can help:

- Turn off lights when you leave a room
- Choose glass bottles instead of plastic
- Help us to keep our environment clean by picking up litter
- Spread the word!