Pepper the Penguin Kids Lunch Box Bag

Take your favourite Planet Buddies character to lunch with our insulated lunch bag, durable and easy to clean, perfect for school or play.

Our insulated lunch box keeps your food cool and fresh, as well as secure. Our large compartments will provide ample storage space for your bento box, tupperware containers or snack box.

We've also included a handy insulated kids water bottle holder on the side, to keep your drink cool for hours. Convenient and secure, you can carry everything you need for your day with our lunch bag for kids.

Easily transport our lunch bags using the handle or adjustable backpack straps, padded for extra comfort. Super light and portable, our lunch bag is perfect for picnics or taking on an adventure, or using as a school bag.

Each insulated bag is finished with a cute leaf or fish zipper tag, plus a handy name tag. Perfect school bags for girls or boys, easily identity which is yours!

Key Features
100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used
Insulated to keep your food cool
With handy drink pocket holder on the side
Adjustable, padded straps for little shoulders
Easy to wipe down the inside or hand wash
Includes name label to personalise
Select character


Hi! I’m Pepper the Penguin. I live in Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth! I depend on sea ice for places to nest where hundreds of us huddle together in a big group to keep warm against the cold. Brrr! Sea ice is also a platform that helps me to dive deep into the ocean to catch tasty fish. But climate change is causing our home to disappear…

How you can help:

- Turn off lights when you leave a room
- Choose glass bottles instead of plastic
- Help us to keep our environment clean by picking up litter
- Spread the word!