Olive the Owl Eco Friendly Phone Case for iPhone X/XS

Our Planet Buddies phone case is compatible with is compatible with iPhone X and iPhone XS

Planet Buddies eco-friendly mobile phone cases are made from BPAT and plant materials, the cute character designs are surrounded by oak chip speckles for a natural finish

Our lightweight phone cases are easy to fit and have a snug fit around all four corners of your device for added protection without the extra weight

Our colourful character designs make excellent children's birthday gifts for girls or boys, matching our range of Planet Buddies headphones, cushion tablet stands and plush phone stands

Planet Buddies products are packaged using environmentally conscious packaging, fully recyclable and printed using eco-oil

Key Features
100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used
Features environmental tips on how you can help
Made entirely of biodegradable materials
Features cute, endangered animal
Select character


Hi! I’m Olive the Owl. I live in forests and farmlands! I depend on my habitat having plenty of trees for me to nest in so I can sleep all day and come out at night. Zzzzz. The forests also help me to keep my eggs safe high up in the trees so I can protect them from danger. But deforestation is causing our home to be destroyed…

How you can help:

- Use a reusable bottle or mug for your drinks
- If there are no bins nearby, take your rubbish with you
- Plant trees and flowers - they keep our air clean
- Spread the word!