Kids Light Switch Character Stickers

Our Planet Buddies light switch stickers come in 6 adorable characters designed to teach children about energy conservation. Our kids bedroom accessories are a fun reminder to turn the lights out when leaving the bedroom.

Each character has a wall sticker for above and below the light switch; 12 stickers in total. Lovely bedroom accessories for girls and boys of all ages, use our cute stickers as bedroom wall art.

Our stickers for children's bedrooms are easy to apply and remove, and contain no plastic. Perfect girls bedroom accessories or boys bedroom accessories, our wall art can be placed around any light switch cover you choose, and easily swapped and changed.

Our Planet Buddies packaging is made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials and printed with soy based ink, use our planet friendly light switch sticker as cute room decor for bedroom lights or as wall decorations for girls or boys bedrooms.

Key Features
100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used
Contains 6 adorable character stickers sets
Educates kids on saving energy
Easy to apply and peel off without damaging walls
Stickers made from cardboard
Select character