Pippin the Panda Furry Kids Headphones

Planet Buddies’ furry headphones are volume limited to 85 decibels which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The child-safe audio limit on our headphones helps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Listening at a maximum level of 85 decibels makes it safe to enjoy up to 8 hours of audio a day and is suitable for children aged 3+.

Designed with a fun, fluffy animal print headband and printed on the earcups, the headphones are fully adjustable with high-quality materials and soft padded earcups for maximum comfort. To ensure strength and durability, headphones are designed to withstand handling, drops, and knocks by small children.

The headphones are equipped with two 3.5mm jack ports so you can connect any second pair of wired headphones and share what you’re listening to!

Key Features
Child-safe limited to 85db to protect hearing
Adjustable headband suitable for children aged 3+
3.5mm jack compatible with most audio devices
100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used
Furry headband with animal print and ears
Extra audio port for music sharing
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Hi! I’m Pippin the Panda. I live in forests high in the mountains of China. I depend on my habitat for lots of trees to climb. We start learning to climb from 5-months-old and even practice handstands! I like to spend most of my time eating lots of tasty bamboo. Chomp-chomp! But farming and deforestation is destroying my home and poachers are threatening my safety…

How you can help:

- Walk or ride to school instead of using the car
- Make a compost heap to recycle food waste
- Always put recyclables in the correct recycle bins
- Spread the word!